Anesthesia for Hair Restoration

Your hair transplantation will be performed in a fully accredited surgical facility. We are proud to have won full approval from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This certificate ensures that we adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety in out-patient plastic surgery.

General anesthesia is not necessary for hair restoration. Rather, Dr. Frank Fechner incorporates the combination of local anesthesia with sedation for his hair restoration procedures. This is similar to what you might experience at the dentist office when having your wisdom teeth taken out. The areas of your scalp serving as the donation site or the transplant site will be numbed locally with a mixture of Lidocaine (“Novocain”) and epinephrine (adrenalin). Because epinephrine constricts blood vessels and other vessel-dilating anesthesia medications are absent, bleeding is usually minimal. You will also be given a sedative providing you with a relaxed mood for the procedure. Likely, you will be awake for the majority of the procedure although many patients nod off during the hair restoration procedure. You can watch a DVD; listen to music or rest while the transplantation process takes place. Your vital signs will be monitored periodically.

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