Hair Graft Dissection

Once a section of hair is removed from the donor site, the process begins to dissect it under microscopic vision. This is a crucial step in the hair restoration procedure, and Dr. Fechner has assembled a team of trained medical staff to assist in this delicate process. These staff members are focused solely on you and your hair and they will meticulously work to preserve the harvested hair in original groupings of 1 to 5 hairs so that they look natural in their new location. The procedure of hair graft dissections requires a steady hand, utmost attention to detail and a dedication to quality. This careful handling is important for regrowth of the hair units. Speed is secondary in this process. Dr. Fechner likes to point out that the most artistically designed hairline will only look natural if the transplanted hair grows. Dr. Fechner and his staff have trained extensively in order to handle the grafts appropriately, size them so that they have the right amount of tissue to ensure good growth patterns, and to make sure that the graft size is a good fit for the recipient site so that growth is optimal.

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