Surgical Technique

While hair transplantation has been available for many years, the technique and outcomes have improved greatly. Gone are the days of hair restoration that is obvious to all. From the 1960’s, when hair transplantation first began until the 1990’s the procedure involved a physician harvesting hair from the patient’s healthy hair in large strips and then using a punch to get 10-25 hairs which were then inserted into the top of the head. This created a potentially large scar at the harvest site, as well as “plugs” where the hairs were transplanted. This was particularly obvious as one’s hair continued to thin, or if in later years they decided to wear their hair shorter or shaved totally.

Today the process is more precise, the harvest area is smaller and the amount of hair selected number 1-4 which mimics the natural design of a hair follicle. Using this rather laborious technique allows the ultimate hair transplant goal avoiding plugs, dramatic scars or patchy splattered appearance.

Dr. Fechner is trained to perform hair restoration focused on the end result, having the greater facial aesthetics and your satisfaction in mind. There are four areas that he excels at: hairline design, donor site closure, hair graft dissection and the final placement of the hair graft. His keen attention to detail and experience with various surgical plastic procedures of the face has resulted in Dr. Fechner being able to provide state-of-the-art hair restoration for his New England patients.

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