Hair Graft Placement

Once the hair has been harvested and dissected it is time to place the grafts in the areas of the scalp that are targeted for restoration. It is important that the grafts are placed at the right level to ensure good growth avoiding pitting (too deeply placed) and cobble-stoning (placed too high). In addition, the direction of the hair is placed is important for a natural growth pattern. The frontal hair grows forward, not upward. On the sides (temples), the hair naturally grows sidewise. If placed at the wrong angle, the side hair will stick up leading to minimal coverage and an unusual look.

How the donor hair is handled during the placement process is essential. The donor hair will be kept moist during the entire procedure, ensuring that it remains alive and viable. When it is handled during harvesting, dissection and placement it is imperative that it’s gently maneuvered so that at no time the bulb of the hair is disturbed or damaged. The size of the graft must be matched by the size of the placement site and the doctor will need to ensure that the hair growth direction is a match to the existing hair. It is an intricate process that Dr. Fechner and his staff partner closely on. Performing this procedure with mastery will lead to the most prolific hair growth and maximal hair coverage.

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